Start Now. Finish First.

Yes, Winning is Everything.

Every business owner knows that the key to growing and sustaining any business is to establish a system that provides a steady stream of high quality leads and new opportunities.

If you need to attract new potential customers, grow or expand your customer base, increase foot traffic, calls and inquiries for estimates, quotes and proposals, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by partnering with us.

Our system of generating the qualified leads that are most likely to convert into customers for your business is efficient, affordable and powerful.

Stop running a race to the bottom. Guaranteed competition is a recipe for thin margins.

Don't be one of a thousand other companies with the same list of names in a race to the bottom. National directory and paid lead services put you in a lottery of competitors to be the first to call and usually the cheapest option for the customer.

You deserve more than just a place in a very long line (or list of search results).

Get your own exclusive leads that will contact you directly. Focus on closing the business, delivering an outstanding result and reap the rewards and reputation as your business grows.

Don't enjoy cold calls, writing and creating ads, managing campaigns?

You're not alone!

Eliminate the hassles of prospecting, marketing and up-front work finding needles in the haystack. With our system, you only pay for results because we are performance-based solution. Our agency only charges for the leads we produce.

Please don't take this personally, but we don't just work with everyone.

We never move forward unless it's a clear, win-win situation for everyone. Make no mistake, if it's win-win, we're all in. But if we can't help you, or it's just not a great fit - we promise not to waste your time.
So before you inquire, take a moment to ask yourself two questions:

1. How much new business can my team realistically handle and still earn a 5 star review?
Delivering poor service, slow responses and a low quality result is damaging to your business and ours. We're here to to add value, help good businesses grow and flourish by creating a win-win for the customer and you. The only way we can influence that is by qualifying who we partner with so our prospects don't fall into the wrong hands.  Simply put, our partners must be well-prepared to fulfill their promise to the customer. 
2. Is my business equipped and poised to pounce on opportunities and close business?
If you typically answer after one ring and understand that 24 hours is a lifetime to respond to an inquiry message, then you're on the right track. We're not here to waste any opportunities. After all, it's our time and money delivering these prospects, not yours. So before we invest in bringing you any business prospects, it's important to understand that you must be available and able to close the next step, or there is no next step. 

Sound fair?

Great, then let's talk, you've got nothing to lose!

Feel free to use our lead calculator below & let's get started today.


Get in touch with us today. You deserve to win.

If you feel we'd be a great fit, drop us a quick note or schedule a time to talk and we can discuss next steps.

The TakeLead Agency
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