August 31, 2015

How to get more leads from Google My Business

A lot of businesses who are looking to generate leads from GMB and online efforts do not know where to start. This can be a frustrating experience, especially for those whose businesses are highly dependent on lead generation. This is why we’ve put together a guide to help you get more leads from Google, whether you’re looking for more leads in your current market, or want to branch out into new territories.

Finding local leads for your business can be a challenge

Finding leads for your local business doesn't have to be difficult. In this post, we will discuss several popular marketing tactics that you can use to get started generating more leads from Google. Since more leads means more prospective sales and more sales means more money in your pocket, it's important to start implementing these techniques immediately.

How to get more leads from Google

Set up Google My Business Immediately

At a bare minimum, you'll first need to get your "GMB" set up:
1. Create your Google account, create / claim listing, add categories, photos, etc.
2. Get your listing verified with Google My Business.
3. Optimize your listing for your primary search terms and business categories
4. Get reviews

Don't Wait for Traffic, Start Building and Promoting Now

Don't expect to get any leads overnight. Verification takes time and if your listing and/or site is new, you'll be in the Google sandbox for a while as well. A quick temporary, short term fix is to create a small, simple ad campaign if you can afford it, create your other accounts in social media and then begin to start outlining content strategy and blog posts that leverage your expertise to help prospective customers.
1. Use Adwords to set up a small, basic ad campaign on Google, keep it simple & keep a close eye on the keywords that trigger your ads.
2. Reach out to recent customers to ask if they'd be willing to write a review. You can send them a link later to make it easier.
3. Start blogging about topics that are relevant to your business, customers, local area and add value - answer questions, etc.
4. Make a list of local businesses and parters that you work with as well as a handful of nearby competitors, then review their websites, GMB listings and reviews to look for ways to either work with them, improve on their approach or differentiate your business from theirs.
5. Think about local organizations that you've supported, sponsored or worked with. Determine if they have a business listing, directory or a list of local partner links that you can easily get your business included on. Building local, niche-relevant links to your website and GMB is one of the most powerful ways to establish your authority and reinforce your local relevance in Google's local search results and the "Google Maps 3-Pack".

This isn't everything, of course - but it's enough to get you started on the journey to get more leads from Google My Business.

If you're pinched for time or need to focus on running the rest of the business, schedule a meeting to talk with an expert like TakeLead. We'll accelerate  the process and get you on the fast track to lead generation for your local business with GMB.

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